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Prince William and Princess Kate at Royal Ascot, clearly displaying their purple name badges.

Royal Ascot – A chauffeur’s eye view

Part of my job as an executive chauffeur is to be on my toes to make sure my clients don’t miss any of the action. I always keep an eye on the race schedule and make sure that my clients are in the right place at the right time.

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Rugby match being played during the 6 Nations Cup

Six Nations Rugby 2023 – How are you getting there?

The Summit Executive Chauffeurs is doing our bit to make sure the event goes ahead as planned, by arranging the safe, discreet transportation of (some of) the England management team between Leicester Rugby Union and some of the host stadiums. Whilst we would love to share with you who will be with us, where and when, we know you understand that we wouldn’t be The Summit if we divulged any identifying information! We’ll just have to keep that under our chauffeur caps…

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Referral Partners and Trusted Businesses

Not Just FOR Travel

Guild of Professional Chauffeurs logo

Why choose a member of The Guild of Professional Chauffeurs as your executive driver?

The Summit Executive Chauffeurs is a proud member of the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs (GoPC) and we want to tell you more about what that means for our business, and for yours. “The Guild of Professional Chauffeurs is a unique organisation and the first of its kind in the UK. We are dedicated to promoting and supporting the best of the chauffeuring profession.” To meet the standards set by The Guild, there several assessments to go through, all of which have been approved by the DVSA and are run at regional locations across the course of a day: Vehicles Our vehicles must be immaculately presented at all times, with no warning sounds or lights displayed, or likely to display during the course of a journey. This means we must be prepared for every journey and plan in advance, where we can stop without impacting our principals’ and their guests’ journey. Route planning During the assessment day our chauffeurs are set a task designed to highlight the drive-planning skills required to reduce journey time and increase comfort and trust. The task replicates a booking by a Chief executive of a large company, which is a daily occurrence in our industry. All our planning and preparation notes must be included in this assessment. First aid certification A chauffeur will not be accepted as a Guild member without first aid training and a current certificate. At The Summit we believe this is essential training as the safety of our guests is of

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