A woman in a suit, on a stage facing the audience she is speaking to.

How an event chauffeur service makes everything better – The story of taxi confusion…

That evening there were also a large number of waiting taxis, ready to transport their guests to railway stations and airports. However, given the numbers involved there was understandably a certain amount of confusion over who’s car was who’s, and who’s taxi hadn’t arrived yet. This concern understandably turned into stress for some guests who were worried about missing flights and trains.

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An 'artificial intelligence' generated image of 'Beauty' the Executive Chauffeur's BMW, in a snow forest

How can a chauffeur use AI in their business?

I take being an executive chauffeur incredibly seriously, and while I use AI for many applications in my business, it really needs someone with real-life intelligence to analyse it and apply it sensibly, with knowledge and understanding of its intention.

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A rainbow in blue skies, over green fields and hills, with the words, 'The unfortunate need people who will be kind to them. The prosperous need people to be kind too'.

What does charity mean to The Summit?

I believe charity not only means giving money to a good cause, but that charity means to have a giving demeanour, one that can never run out (like money often does). This way, we can be charitable throughout our lives, regardless of our economic situation.

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One of the colleges of Oxford University

Private school and college transfers

For our young passengers, free onboard Wi-Fi enables them to be in touch with you and their peers, whom we’re sure they’re excited to meet up with. And of course, free charging points for their mobile phones and devices.

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Prince William and Princess Kate at Royal Ascot, clearly displaying their purple name badges.

Royal Ascot – A chauffeur’s eye view

Part of my job as an executive chauffeur is to be on my toes to make sure my clients don’t miss any of the action. I always keep an eye on the race schedule and make sure that my clients are in the right place at the right time.

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